Natural Environment / Mountain Bikes

Our visitors will have the opportunity to come into contact with the beauty of Cretan nature. The area is famous for its rich flora and fauna. Our visitors will also have four mountain bikes at their disposal, since the area is ideal for such activities.

Walking Paths

In Asites, from the gorge of Saint Antonios, in astonishing beauty locality, it passes European Mountaineering Path [E]4 that leads to the shelter of Mountaineering Association Heraklion, to the place โ€œ[Prinos]โ€ (where exists forest from [prinoys]) to altitude of 1100 metres.

Mountain Shetler

Asites are offered for those who like in walking and mountaineering ways. The ascent to the mountaineering shelter โ€œ[Prinos] ofโ€ [Psiloreiti] constitutes challenge for the visitor that wants it walks in the taller mountain of Crete. This shelter, that was built in 1967 and extended in 1992, is found in altitude of 1100 metres and way is enough upside. The shelter can entertain 25 individuals, it allocates reservoir of rain water and it is heated with two traditional heaters .

 Annual Fest

In the frame of celebration of Saint Ioannis, boss Ano Asiton, it is organised each year traditional fest on 29 August that is accompanied by line of events. Kato Asites celebrating Saint Paraskeyh and each year on 26 July becomes fest to honor price with 10 days cultural and other events.

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