We are located at the traditional village of Asites, just 25km from Heraklion and the north coast of Crete

Ecotourism in Greece

Traditional village of Asites – Heraklion – Crete – GREECE

The resident is located in the traditional settlement ‘Kato Asites’ in Eastern terms of the moundain ‘Psiloreitis’ only 25 km from Crete’s main city Heraklion following the road University Hospital – Voutes – S. Miron . The distinctive attributes of the location that the villas are built on are : Panoramic view, natural beauty , peaceful – relaxing environment.


They are henceforth constituted from two by the traditional settlements of Prefecture Heraklion Kato Asites, Ano Asites with appreciable samples of popular architecture. The village is built in altitude 450m., in their foot his terms Bell 1.860m, the second higher top of mountain range of Psiloreiti. The space is said that it is lived by the minoiki season, while the name Asites emanates from the installation of Nikiforos Fokas the 961, that the origin of was from the city Ace known for exceptional quality Stone. In Asites exist Byzantine and newer churches, as well as the remains of roman baths. It deserves it is marked also that, one kilometre front we reach in Down Kato Asites is found Nisi, one of the more important abandoned settlements of Prefecture Heraklion, with traditional houses of particular architectural interest

Monastery Gorgolaini

The monastery of Saint Georgioy of Gorgoeleimon near t o village has Venish landmarks from 1617 with a fabrilate lion. The monastery was very probably built during the last few years of Venish hold in Crete. The Turks has destroyed it three times and each time was rebuilt. This monastery played very important role in the revolutions because his place in the mountains. The church of monastery is royal and dedicated in Saint George and in Saint Nikolaos. The name of monastery very probably emanated from the words [gorgo]-[eleimon]

Saint Antonios

The temple of Saint Antonios and Virgin Mary impresses with the monumental frames in the windows. In in the past few year her Venetian domination it appears functioned here the [mikromonastiri]. Today are saved only certain departments of temple. In infra red declinable Virgin Mary was saved the blazon of family of [Falieron]
Saint Antonios Gorges
The gorges of Saint Charalampoys and Saint Antonios are offered for naturalist walks and excursions of recreation. The gorge of Saint Antonios is found Easternly the village [Ano] [Asites]. In his entry you will see the [ekklisaki] that gave the name in the [katafyto] landscape, Saint Antonios. The studies showed that in this gorge exist 80 species of flora, from which the 4 are protected, according to Community directive 92/43. Have been counted also 24 species of fauna, from which the 11 are protected.

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